Breast Education, Screening, Survival

Breast - The number one diagnosed cancer in the country and in Grant County


Screening - Routine Screening Mammograms can detect 40% of all cancers not found by clinical or self breast exams.

Survival - Early detection saves lives!

BESS provides FREE Mammograms to women who could not otherwise afford one.

BESS also provides the education, the understanding of self breast exams and the importance of routine mammograms.

It is often said "if it sounds too good to be true it can't be true", The BESS program of Cancer Services of Grant County is the exception.

The BESS program has been operating since 2000. The BESS program of Cancer Services of Grant County has provided breast health education to over fourty thousand women in the past eleven years and through various outreach events we are currently approaching over four thousand mammograms provided. Underserved women in Grant County are provided with a completely comprehensive holistic program that removes all barriers women may face to receive screening as well as navigation throughout the entire process, even if the process includes a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. The BESS staff facilitates the entire process from the moment they meet a client. To date, 49 women have been diagnosed through this lifesaving program. Transportation and childcare are provided as needed. Translators are also provided as needed.

The BESS program is completely comprehensive and removes all barriers for underserved women in need of mammography or further diagnostic services.

Breast Cancer Tid Bits

The best time for a mammogram is about one week after the last menstrual cycle, when a women breasts are least tender.

Myth: If you do not feel a lump you do not have breast cancer.

Myth: The older you get the less likely you will face breast cancer.

Only 30% of all breast cancer cases occur in women who have an identifiable risk factor.

BESS has several fundraisers. Please call for more information.

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