2021 Letter of Request

Written by: Jennifer Lane-Riefler Posted on: December 17, 2021 Blog: Jennifer says

We often hear stories that touch our hearts and we wish there was something we could have done to help the person or the family. Helplessness is the belief that there is nothing anyone can do to improve a bad situation, such as being diagnosed with cancer. But, there is someone who understands and can do many things to lift the burdens of illness. Helping those who feel helpless in the midst of a cancer journey is our specialty at Cancer Services of Grant County (CSGC). My staff all have a heart for those with cancer. Our compassioned comprehensive assistance, based on their own journey, is life-changing.

Every day for 63 years we have led our friends and neighbors through their cancer journey by lifting their burdens and navigating the rough waters for them. Our efforts ensure access to treatment and care. Our clients walk out of our office after the first visit standing taller than they did when they arrived, leaving that helpless feeling behind. They know they have found someone who understands them and that they can trust.

If you have ever heard me speak you would hear me suggest that you take a walk in the shoes of a cancer patient. To imagine a person who already is faced with struggles and then to be told you have cancer. Taking a walk in their shoes gives you a better idea of the helplessness they feel.

Allow me introduce you to Vernon. Like all of our clients he has been diagnosed with cancer and his story is as unique as his own DNA. Vernon has struggled with feeling helpless most of his life. Then, he was diagnosed through a visit to the ER with advanced stage cancer. He came to us hopeless, homeless and with no income. He didn’t think there was anyone who could help him. He found his way to CSGC through talking to others that we had helped.

Our staff all worked to get him important paperwork that he lacked, provide him transportation to his treatments and other appointments, helped him file for disability and Medicaid, and applied for nursing home care for food, shelter, and care during his cancer journey.

CSGC can’t take cancer away, but we can calm the rough waters along the journey. Vernon found trust in CSGC. He is one approximately 500 clients that we helped in 2021.

Your generosity helps us to continue our compassionate comprehensive assistance to help our friends and neighbors through their cancer journey. Thank you for your continued financial support of CSGC.100% of all funds stay in Grant County to assist those that live, work or are treated in Grant County IN.


Jennifer Lane-Riefler, MCHES, CFm
Executive Director

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