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Written by: Sherrie Stahl Posted on: November 14, 2018 Blog: News

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Our community is more than just lucky to have an organization such as Cancer Services of Grant County available to the many people facing cancer in Marion and beyond. As a registered nurse at the outpatient cancer center of Marion General Hospital, I have witnessed first-hand how the staff of CSGC is a huge support to our patients. From obtaining mammograms and providing the financial support to pay for mammograms, to helping patients understand their diagnosis and guiding them forward throughout treatment, the staff always goes above and beyond.

I have personally seen the staff of CSGC attend medical appointments with patients to make sure they understand all the doctor is explaining to them and to simply be the support they so desperately need. CSGC supports cancer patients through building trusting relationships, offering emotional support, providing transportation to and from medical appointments and paying for prescriptions related to chemotherapy treatments patients cannot afford.

Unfortunately, these things cost money and Cancer Services of Grant County needs the support of our community to help them continue to serve cancer patients throughout their cancer journey.

Hearing the words, "you have cancer" is devastating. Hearing those words and having no idea what to do from that point is overwhelming and scary. Having the support of CSGC staff who have the knowledge of the diagnosis and compassion for the person as a whole is a gold mine. We as a community need to come alongside this organization and provide the financial assistance needed to keep CSGC thriving and successful for patients that so desperately need the support. Please consider giving to Cancer Services of Grant County. Your support to this organization means a great deal to the many patients and families they serve.

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