"You Have Cancer"

Written by: Dennis Roach Posted on: November 14, 2018 Blog: News

Dennis roach

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine heard those terrifying words…“You have cancer.”

As that diagnosis settled in, she, like many others, felt that quiet desperation of “What do I do next?”, “Where do I turn?”, “Am I going to die??”
There is help in Grant County. Cancer Services of Grant County is that guide. They help you navigate through the insurance maze, make the connection with various service providers, they provide financial assistance and, sometimes, they’re just there to hold your hand.

Cancer Services of Grant County relies on the generosity of so many members of this community. They depend on students at our high schools, the owners of businesses, the churches that support their mission, and individuals to donate time, energy, and dollars. EVERY DOLLAR RAISED IS USED IN GRANT COUNTY!! Cancer Services of Grant County doesn’t send money to a national organization…they use it to help members of OUR local community.

So when my friend starting facing the scariest journey of her life, I was thrilled to connect her with an organization that I knew would have her back…Cancer Services of Grant County. They provided her with information about what kind of cancer she was facing, what to expect as she traveled this road, and most importantly, love. They have shown their love to her and their continued commitment to help her cross the finish line so she can beat this terrible life-sucker…cancer.

Please take a moment and make a donation to Cancer Services of Grant County. No matter the amount…give to a local organization that makes a big impact on Grant County. www.grantcountycancer.org

Dennis Roach

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