Betty's Story

Written by: Sherrie Stahl Posted on: July 29, 2015 Blog: Stories

"Over a year ago while living in Texas I had pain in my left breast. After a mammogram I was told I needed a biopsy. I had no insurance and no money to travel to the big city to get one. So, I let it go. I lost my husband that year. The pain in my breast continued. I have six children. Four of them live in Texas and two in Marion, IN. The two that live in Marion were due to have babies and wanted me to move closer to them so they could help me and I could be closer to them and their young families. I moved back to Marion in March of 2012 with my youngest son. My family found out about a program at Cancer Services of Grant County that provided free mammograms. It's called Breast Education Screening and Survival (BESS). I was nervous but, I called. The staff was so nice. They taught me about breast health and discussed the pain in my breast. They then they took care of everything for me. They removed all of my barriers and even went with me for all of the tests. Once I was diagnosed they brought me back to their office with my son and taught me about my cancer journey. We scheduled my surgeons appointments, filed for Medicaid and put everything in order. Jennifer took me to every doctor's appointment if my family was unavailable. She was at Marion General Hospital while I waited for Dr. Keppler to perform my mastectomy. She was there when I awoke from surgery and at all of my hospitalizations. Jennifer taught my family about my cancer, the treatment and what to expect. Cancer Services paid for all my medications until my Medicaid came through. Jennifer and all of the staff at CSGC have all treated me like family. Today I am 1/2 way through my treatment. Without this program I would have died. Maybe never seeing my grandbabies start to walk. I lost a breast, but, I found hope and an understanding that cancer doesn't have to take my life. And, I found an organization that I will be eternally grateful to. When I am well I will volunteer and help them in any way I can. Please join me in supporting them with your tax deductible donation. Your donation could literally save a life."

-Betty Carter

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