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"Jennifer, if you didn't help me that day, I would have gone right out into the woods and ended my life." - Ferrell Conner

Dear Friends,

Cancer is a word that at its mere utterance can take your breath away. Traditionally a cancer diagnosis meant a death sentence. It is during those times that the cancer patient and family need someone who can come along side them and offer support.

Marion/Grant County is 1 of 50 communities in the entire U.S. who have an agency that gives cancer patients hope. Our compassionate staff realizes that every person is unique, with unique circumstances.

Cancer patients receive financial assistance for medicines, transportation, medical bills, and home care equipment.

It is our intent to lift the burden of illness and help our clients navigate through their cancer journey.

Three years ago, I met a man who was diagnosed several months prior with prostate cancer. One of his friends told him about our agency and he came to our office as his last resort. As he spoke tears began to fill his eyes:

"Lady, my name is Ferrell Conner. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 9 months ago and I have been working all the time to pay off those bills. I have not had any treatment because I wanted to pay off the other bills first. I pay what I owe. I ain't ever asked for anything like this in my life, but I have no choice. I am self employed and have been all of my life and do not have the money to pay for medicine, or my treatment. If I have treatments I cannot work, so I cannot pay those bills. I don't know what to do. I am scared because it has been a long time since they told me I had cancer and if you can't help me I am going to take a 34 cent bullet out into the woods and end my life."

I explained to Ferrell how we could help him with transportation, medical bills, medicines and other things that he needed. We assisted Ferrell throughout his treatment and continue to provide assistance to him. To this day, Ferrell resides in Upland and has overcome his cancer.

This is just one story among many that can be told about the hundreds of men, women and children that the "Cancer Services of Grant County" has reached out to in our community. All of the funds that we raise remain in Grant County to educate and financially assist cancer patients that live and work in Grant County. We are not affiliated with any National Agencies.

That is the reason for my letter, at this Holiday Season the need for your support is great so that we can continue to give hope to local cancer patients. Will you join me today by giving a generous donation of $25.00, $50.00, or $100.00?

P.S. Your gift will make a difference. For everyone who sends a gift we will include your name on a plaque that will be prominently displayed in our office as one of our 2006-2007 generous donors.

"Jennifer, if you didn't help me that day, I would have gone right out into the woods and put an end to it all." Ferrell Conner

Thank You,

Jennifer Lane-Reifler, CHES
Executive Director

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