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The BESS (Breast Education Screening & Survival) Program

Breast - Get a mammogram every year.  Take care of your health now so you can be there for your family later.  Do it for yourself.  Do it for your family.

Education - Knowledge is power!

Screening - Routine mammograms are the most efficient screening method to detect breast cancer early, before any symptoms are present.

Survival - Early detection saves lives!

The BESS Program provides FREE mammograms to women who could not otherwise afford one and provides breast health education, the understanding of self breast exams, and the importance of routine mammograms.

It is often said "if it sounds too good to be true it can't be true".  The BESS program of Cancer Services of Grant County is the exception. Operating since 2000, the BESS Program of Cancer Services of Grant County has provided breast health education to thousands of women through one on one interaction, various outreach events, and social media outreach. Thousands of free mammograms have been provided.  

Underserved women in Grant County are provided with a completely comprehensive holistic program that removes all barriers women may face to receive screening as well as navigation throughout the entire process, even if the process includes a diagnosis of breast cancer. The BESS staff facilitates the entire process from the moment they meet a client. To date, 64 women have been diagnosed through this lifesaving program. Transportation assistance is available as needed. Translators are also provided when necessary.

Click here to complete your intake paperwork online.

The BESS Program is funded in part by the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust.

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Mammogram Image by National Cancer Institute
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